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4WD Suspension Kits in Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast

If you’re planning an off-road adventure, it’s critical that you have the right gear. The right gear not only guarantees a fun trip, in which you’ll get to do everything you want with the least amount of hassle, but also protects you from accidents and provides you with the utmost safety.

OzAdventure4x4 is a provider of high-quality 4WD suspension kits in Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast. We are a small, local shop that specialises in gear for your adventure, large and small. Because we’re specialised, we carry only the highest quality of adventure gear and are happy to share our experience-based expertise with you as you’re selecting gear to suit your vehicle. Let us help you go off road as soon as possible with their 4WD suspension kits in Newcastle, Central Coast, and Sydney.

Why 4WD Suspension Kits Are So Important

Equipping your 4x4 with an aftermarket 4WD suspension kit ensures that it not only functions at top capability, but also protects you from the difficulties of harsh off-road terrains. 4WD Aftermarket suspension kits are designed specifically to suit the off road terrain found in Australia. They are made to a high quality standard without the cost cutting associated with OEM suspension, and designed to work in harmony with additional loads added to modified 4x4’s such as draws, bull bars, winches etc.

Plus, aftermarket 4WD suspension kits can increase the functionality of your ride. They provide increased wheel travel, keeping the wheels in contact with the terrain longer meaning more traction and better stability off road. Suspension kits allow you to carry heavier loads to better cope with all the extra equipment you need for your adventure. Overall they improve the handling both on and off road for your vehicle, making it easier to manoeuvre and putting less stress on your ride.

Why Choose OzAdventure4x4?

OzAdventure4x4 carries a range of 4WD suspension kits in Central Coast, Newcastle, and Sydney to suit most major brands of vehicle; including, but not limited to, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, and Mitsubishi. That means there’s a kit that will fit your truck perfectly to maximise its off-road performance. OzAdventure4x4 takes pride in being a local business, focusing on products that are designed, tested, and/or made in Australia.

OzAdventure4x4 places emphasis on providing the best customer service available. We are happy to use our expertise to give our customers honest advice, which is always free, even if our customers decide to buy elsewhere. Our focus is on the needs of our customer which takes priority over simply making a sale. We will never sell you cheap or poor quality equipment and carry only the highest quality products because we value your safety and know how important the right gear is. For your adventure large or small, turn to OzAdventure4x4 for your 4WD suspension kits in Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast.

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