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C250 rear seat covers

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Seat covers are: Waterproof  UV Safe  Abrasion & Chemical Resistant


With a pattern library for seats that spans over 20 years we have templates for most vehicles including 4x4's cars and vans. 

Seat covers are made from Waterproof Neoprene used in the production of wet suits. These exciting new covers are abrasion-resistant chemical-resistant simple to fit clean and very comfortable. Available as either a Universal fitting cover or designed to the exact size and shape of your vehicles seats in the form of Tailor made covers - our seat covers will not disappoint! All tailor made covers come complete with headrest covers and continue to allow full operation of your seats including openings to suit armrests cup holders and seat levers etc. Guaranteed a great fit every time!

If ordering Airbag compatible Universal WetSeat covers (sold as a pair) matching tailor made headrest covers to suit are also available for selection.

Please note: All tailor made seat / headrest covers are made to order based on your vehicle and colour preferences therefore delivery times may vary. Approximate delivery times will be advised once the order has been placed.

Fitting Instructions (Universal WetSeat cover only)


1. Determine the side of the cover by locating the care label on the inside of the seat base cover.
2. Remove Headrest from the seat backrest (Figure 1).

Figure 1.
3. Turn The Wet Seat cover inside out.
4. Feed neoprene rod flap in between seat backrest and base (Figure 2).

Figure 2.
5. Roll backrest part of The Wet Seat cover over seat back and align to seat contours (Figure 3).

Figure 3.
6. Repeat Step 5 for base part of The Wet Seat cover (Figure 4).

Figure 4.
7. Where possible tuck base part of The Wet Seat in between seat base and plastic trimming
(Figure 5).

Figure 5.

Note: As the location of the headrest prongs vary between vehicles headrest holes are not pre-cut into the Wet Seat covers. Please follow the below steps carefully in inserting holes into Wet Seat cover. Please follow the below steps carefully when inserting holes into Wet Seat cover.

8a. Using 1-Inch Hole Punch
With the Wet Seat aligned to seat backrest mark the location of the headrest prongs. Take the cover off the seat and place on a flat surface with the marked area facing up. Be careful not to have the seat cover folded over when using the punch. Using a 1 inch hole punch punch holes in Wet Seat cover at the marked area. Once complete refit cover as noted in Steps 3-6. Once re-fitted tuck the cut headrest holes under the plastic trimming (Figure 8).

Figure 6.
8b. Using Scissors
With the Wet Seat aligned to seat backrest use your index finger and thump to locate the head rest prong position. Pinch cover and snip cover across about the size of a 10 cent coin (Figure 7). Once complete on both sides tuck the cut headrest holes under the plastic trimming (Figure 8).

Figure 7.

Figure 8.
9. Feed the hook & loop ties from the side to the back and secure. Be careful not to use too much force when pulling as the thread may come loose between the ties and cover (Figure 9).

Figure 9.

Figure 10.
10. Re-install the headrests (Figure 11).

Figure 11.
11. Repeat steps 1-10 for remaining side cover.


  • Once you have finished fitting the covers please ensure that the airbag seam is not covered.
  • Re-align seat cover if necessary.
  • Due to the stretch in the rubber backing the seat cover can be adjusted after fitment.
  • Driver side seat and The Wet Seat cover is shown in Figure 12 indicating the SRS Side Seat Airbag seam.



All of our covers come with a 12 month warranty. Pictures may be requested for all claims covers damaged from pets or misuse (eg damage caused by loading of equipment) will not be covered.

Care of the Wet Seat

Please follow the below instruction for the Care of your Neoprene seat covers & Wet Seat covers:

For light marks and surface dirt a damp cloth will suffice.For heavier marks and stains machine wash your Wet Seat set to cold wash gentle cycle using standard washing powder.

For salt water sand or mud also try to hose down your Wet Seat down cloth line dry in 1 hour ( Ambient temp 20 degress Celsius).


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